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Photo of The Cosmic Egg Wine Bottle

The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg is an ancient creation myth, recurring across many civilizations and cultures, which holds that the universe originated from a giant primordial egg. This legend has since inspired generations of avant-garde and surrealist artists.

This inspiration continues with a wine that signals an expanded universe of possibility. Artfully crafted by Northstar Winery, The Cosmic Egg is a modern incarnation of winemaking’s ancient origins: Concrete eggs & tanks and other neutral vessels play a significant role in the making of The Cosmic Egg. These aging vessels produce a true, more pure expression of the grape than other winemaking techniques resulting in a fresher, cleaner aromatic profile.

Without external flavors imparted during the winemaking process, The Cosmic Egg represents a pure, unmasked expression of Cabernet Sauvignon: bold and nuanced with dark black cherry and raspberry notes.

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